211 in NL

211 is an information and referral service that is implemented in all Provinces and Territories. It is Canada’s primary source of information for government and community-based, as well as non-clinical, health and social services. 211 is also a critical resource in helping communities navigate their way through times of crisis such as hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and pandemics. 211 can be the open door to the help that the people of Newfoundland and Labrador need when they need it most.

211 can be accessed by anyone living in Newfoundland and Labrador 24 hours a day, it is free and confidential, and can support over 150 languages, including those of the Indigenous peoples. 211 is available by phone, chat, text, and the web. 211 is also available to people who are deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing via TTY.

211 can be of assistance for so much more including seniors support; disability support; violence and abuse; children, parents, and family planning; employment, training, and academic upgrading; as well as mental health and addictions.

211 NL Website

For Emergency, call 911 or 956-2424.
This will alert the pager system.